Final Art Exhibit

Political Art In an earlier blog post of mine, titled “Propaganda in WWII”, I exhibited a variety of propaganda posters that were used in WWII for various purposes, mostly to gain the support of the American people. Something that I wanted to show as well was the more beneficial propaganda in WWII. These posters were […]

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The Beautiful Power of Wind

Most pieces of art up to 1975 has been, in my opinion, rather flat. They were mostly 2 dimensional paintings that tried to fake 3 dimensions by using contrast and color. Sculptures were mostly lifeless, figures frozen in a specific pose for all time. But, did you know that there are sculptures that harness the […]

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Propaganda of WWI

World War I, one of the bloodiest conflicts in history with the allied forces (coalition of over 15 counties, kingdoms and territories) clashing with the Central Powers (About 5 empires). Many young people died during the war, so much so Germany had to import men from the Middle East to fill construction jobs after the […]

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The Revolutions of the Classical Era

There were several Revolutions during the 18th century that shaped the art of the time. The American Revolution, the Industrial Revolution and the Scientific Revelation all occurred during this period of time. The art that was painted during this period influenced the paintings that we enjoy today. American Revolution Joseph Blackburn (aka Jonathan Blackburn) was […]

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The Royalties Influence on Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenach, Germany in 1685. He was born into a musical family, his father was the director of the Eisenach choir and every uncle was a musician. He seemed destined to become a great musician, having learned to play the clavichord the Harpsicord and the violin. His brother, Johann Christoph […]

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On the House of Medici

The Medici family is proof that money equals power. Their house, which were the owners of the largest bank in Europe of the time, bought their way to the top in Florence. Without holding a position of power, the first member of the Medici family gained power though his wealth. They held religious power by […]

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Hello All! My name is Sam. I was born in Fairbanks 21 years ago. After being born, my parents took me to my hometown of Anderson. Anderson is 80 miles south of Fairbanks, 25 miles south of Nenana and 40 miles north of Healy on the Parks highway. I grew up in Anderson and went […]

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